Over the past few weeks, my group has made a lot of progress with our project. We completed much of the physical, in-person aspects of the project within the first two months of having the assignment, thankfully making our job much easier now that we’re completing this at a distance. Currently, our main focus is on completing the contextual information about the Rowe women (along with finding more information about the time periods they lived in and how that may have affected them), designing the website, transcribing artifacts, finding accessibility apps, and expanding our audience.

So far, everything has been going extraordinarily well for my group, even with this transition to online-based learning. Although we had to scrap our lofty goal of making a map of the Rowe women’s final resting places and are unable to scan any extra scrapbook pages, we are on track to meet all of our major goals and milestones.

I think my biggest concern at this point is not finding enough information on some of the Rowe women who weren’t as active in society as Anne Martin Wilson Rowe had been. I would really like for us to be able to bring these women to life and make their stories personable to a broad audience, so I’m hoping that by looking into general women’s history books, we can piece something special together for the women who currently don’t have much written on them.

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