Final Update

This week, my group worked on putting the finishing touches on our website. I worked on fixing the genealogy of the family tree as well as adding citations to every page where citations were needed. Glynnis helped in making sure the citations were correct and properly formatted and Piper added the links to different pages onto the family tree. I […]

Scrapbooks Update #5

This week my group heavily focused on captioning our images. In order to keep track of which images have captions and which still need to be captioned, we’ve decided to use our Excel sheet that we made for naming our scans earlier in the semester. To indicate an image has been captioned, we simply write “Yes” at the end of […]

Scrapbook Update #4

This week has easily been one of the most hectic and stressful weeks in my entire college career, and I’m sure that’s the case for most college students across the country. The transition from in-person to online shouldn’t affect my group too badly. We completed all of the scans we need for our project and most of what we have […]

Small Scrapbooking Update #3

In the past two weeks, the group has gotten a lot done. In order to better contextualize the family in Fredericksburg’s history and how Anne impacted the community, I contacted Jeanette to see if there was anyone Anne knew that may be willing to give a few words about her. Jeanette directed me to John Hennessy, among others, and I […]

Scrapbook Update #2

This week we’ve gotten the Instagram (@rowescrapbooksfxbg) and gmail account ( set up for our project, and assigned members of the group to upkeeping those accounts. Our primary goal for this week was to locate the specific artifacts and pictures we want to scan for our project. Today, we made significant progress in documenting what we would be scanning and […]

Small Scrapbooking Update

Today, Glynnis, Mady, and I met with two of Anne Wilson Rowe’s daughters, Jeanette and Florence. Through them, we were able to gain more insight on their family and what they’re hoping to see from the project. Both sisters seemed pleased with our ideas on how to utilize the scrapbooks and were open to further communication throughout the semester, with […]

Scrapbook Group Video

In this video, myself and other members of the Scrapbook group introduce ourselves and what our individual jobs are for this project. I will be helping to do additional contextual research, acting as our Kenmore liaison, and helping to digitize and transcribe scrapbooks. Saying our jobs helps to solidify them and act as more of a commitment so that we […]