Reflection and Defense

For this course, the Scrapbooking group was presented with a mountainous project that we quickly began to sort through and piece together. In order to ensure the family and our group was on the same page, we met with two of the Rowe sisters in February to see if there was anything in particular they wanted scanned or researched for […]

Week Reflection

Due to how hectic the week has been, I was unable to meet with my group this week. We typically meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, but had called off the Tuesday meeting and today I had to move my belongings out of my dorm. Even with the craziness of this week, I’m still trying to brainstorm the different ways we can […]

Digital Portfolio

My digital portfolio can be found on my main domain This portfolio shows my research interests, resume, completed research and projects, as well as links my audience to current blogs that I’m keeping up with for the classes I’m enrolled in this semester. My Resume is slightly truncated in order to prevent it from going on longer and possibly […]

Historians in the Digital World

With the advent of the digital world, there have been many changes for historians. The field as a whole has begun to shift, with a focus on “expanding access to the past” and looking into developing new tools rather than new arguments. With this expanded access comes an emphasis on a new audience – the public. Previously, most historians had […]

Wikipedia and Creative Commons

Wikipedia Fredericksburg, Virginia: Looking at the discussions on this article was fairly entertaining. While few people contributed to substantial facts about the town (ie. pointing out some information on Thomas Jefferson), plenty of people joined in the discussion of whether or not Fredericksburg is a part of Nova. As for the page’s history itself, it has undergone few revisions and […]

Brief Notes on Digital Projects

1.) 9/11 Digital Archive: I like the colors chosen for this website. Even though the home page has a lot of information, it doesn’t seem overwhelming. However, I wish the home page included titles for the pictures instead of things like “2.pjpeg.” I also really like how they listed how to cite their information, something we may want to incorporate. […]

Digital Project Review

First Days Project: This is a project dedicated to documenting new immigrants’ experiences in the U.S. I really enjoy that the home page is clear on the intention of the project and has small quotes and snippets from immigrants featured in the project. I also like the navigation designs toward the bottom of the page that are a bit more […]

Omeka Site Review

Histories of the National Mall: My favorite item on this site was the interactive map. A neat, clean, and concise map where you can click on markers to give interesting snapshots in time is a fascinating idea. Upon selecting an item to gain more information, one could easily return to the main map without any hassle. While the “Explorations” tab […]