Reflection and Defense

For this course, the Scrapbooking group was presented with a mountainous project that we quickly began to sort through and piece together. In order to ensure the family and our group was on the same page, we met with two of the Rowe sisters in February to see if there was anything in particular they wanted scanned or researched for […]

Final Update

This week, my group worked on putting the finishing touches on our website. I worked on fixing the genealogy of the family tree as well as adding citations to every page where citations were needed. Glynnis helped in making sure the citations were correct and properly formatted and Piper added the links to different pages onto the family tree. I […]

Progress Report #3

In order to give us a running start on our narratives, we used a document to help pair citations from our annotated bibliography to different women we are focusing on in this project. Today, we discussed how we would like to structure our narratives for both the women we are focusing on and for pages that require only a general […]

Week Reflection

Due to how hectic the week has been, I was unable to meet with my group this week. We typically meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, but had called off the Tuesday meeting and today I had to move my belongings out of my dorm. Even with the craziness of this week, I’m still trying to brainstorm the different ways we can […]

Digital Portfolio

My digital portfolio can be found on my main domain This portfolio shows my research interests, resume, completed research and projects, as well as links my audience to current blogs that I’m keeping up with for the classes I’m enrolled in this semester. My Resume is slightly truncated in order to prevent it from going on longer and possibly […]

Progress Report #2

This week I did many of the same tasks I did last week. In addition to the work I’ve been doing research-wise, I captioned a few of our pictures and have been looking for a way to indent our bibliographic entries in WordPress. While I’ve been trying various codes I’ve found online in CSS, through Classic mode, in HTML mode […]

Scrapbooks Update #5

This week my group heavily focused on captioning our images. In order to keep track of which images have captions and which still need to be captioned, we’ve decided to use our Excel sheet that we made for naming our scans earlier in the semester. To indicate an image has been captioned, we simply write “Yes” at the end of […]

Progress Report #1

Over the past few weeks, my group has made a lot of progress with our project. We completed much of the physical, in-person aspects of the project within the first two months of having the assignment, thankfully making our job much easier now that we’re completing this at a distance. Currently, our main focus is on completing the contextual information […]

Historians in the Digital World

With the advent of the digital world, there have been many changes for historians. The field as a whole has begun to shift, with a focus on “expanding access to the past” and looking into developing new tools rather than new arguments. With this expanded access comes an emphasis on a new audience – the public. Previously, most historians had […]