Due to how hectic the week has been, I was unable to meet with my group this week. We typically meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, but had called off the Tuesday meeting and today I had to move my belongings out of my dorm. Even with the craziness of this week, I’m still trying to brainstorm the different ways we can form a narrative for our project and what people may be curious to know about in terms of women’s history, Fredericksburg history, and general American history with regards to the scrapbook pages.

2 thoughts on “Week Reflection

  1. Oh wow, I hope that everything went okay for you moving out of your dorm! I know that Res Life changed the date on y’all a whole bunch of times. We really appreciate the great work you are doing! I think that a women’s history approach to our site would be very interesting, especially in regards to Anne and her involvement.

  2. From an outside perspective, I think the women’s history angle for the scrapbooks is a very engaging one, and one that I personally would be interested in. I also think the scrapbook project must be an interesting one to create narratives around, because to a degree a narrative is intended to create some level of narrative – in a way, you’re building narratives out of narratives. I’m excited to see your group’s project!

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