Scrapbook Group Video

In this video, myself and other members of the Scrapbook group introduce ourselves and what our individual jobs are for this project. I will be helping to do additional contextual research, acting as our Kenmore liaison, and helping to digitize and transcribe scrapbooks. Saying our jobs helps to solidify them and act as more of a commitment so that we […]

Brief Notes on Digital Projects

1.) 9/11 Digital Archive: I like the colors chosen for this website. Even though the home page has a lot of information, it doesn’t seem overwhelming. However, I wish the home page included titles for the pictures instead of things like “2.pjpeg.” I also really like how they listed how to cite their information, something we may want to incorporate. […]

Digital Project Review

First Days Project: This is a project dedicated to documenting new immigrants’ experiences in the U.S. I really enjoy that the home page is clear on the intention of the project and has small quotes and snippets from immigrants featured in the project. I also like the navigation designs toward the bottom of the page that are a bit more […]

Omeka Site Review

Histories of the National Mall: My favorite item on this site was the interactive map. A neat, clean, and concise map where you can click on markers to give interesting snapshots in time is a fascinating idea. Upon selecting an item to gain more information, one could easily return to the main map without any hassle. While the “Explorations” tab […]


I decided to take this course because it struck me as a class that would both challenge and intrigue me. While most history courses here at Mary Washington are centered around discussing books and writing essays that will never be seen outside the class, Hist 428 is different. The work created in this class will be public, making it far […]